To export a vehicle permanently abroad consults AGENZIA EUROPA TRASPORTI to obtain the Cerificate of Cancellation of Motor Vehicle Registration.
The Agency will issue the Certificate of Cancellation of Motor Vehicle Registration.
With the export of the vehicle, it ceases to be enrolled in the “Registro Automobilistico”.
The request for the exportation  of the vehicle abroad may be made before the vehicle is transferred and registered abroad or at a later date, namely when the vehicle has already been transferred and registered (with new foreign license plates) in the foreign Country.

In the event of unavailability of the Ownership certificate, Registration certificate or plates, must be attached to the request, the lost report made at the Public Security Authorities, or the declaration of withdrawal of the same by foreign Authority, duly translated into Italian. From the issue of the Certificate of Cancellation of Motor Vehicle Registration, it stops the obligation of payment of vehicle tax (car tax).
If on the vehicle to be exported there is a measure of administrative detention, it will need to delete it (after paying the amounts due) and then request the "Certificate of Cancellation of Motor Vehicle Registration for export". So we recommend, before making the practice, to verify with our Agency that there isn’t an administrative detention.

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